Oakes Way in Georgetown officially opens
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Oakes Way in Georgetown officially opens

Aug 12, 2023

As construction of the passageway comes to an end, the construction of a bridge continues. The bridge is set to be completed early next year.

GEORGETOWN — A ribbon cutting for Oakes Way in Georgetown took place on Monday, though work is ongoing in the area.

Construction of the new $566,000 passageway began in May. The project adds a new connector road that links to Ind. 64 along with new traffic lights for the intersection with Novaparke Innovation and Technology Campus. The traffic lights will be installed at the intersection by Christmas.

The new additions to the area will provide a safer route for residents, students, parents and school buses.

The area has been one of the fastest growing places in the county and this project will make sure it has the necessary infrastructure to help it continue to grow, officials said.

"It is very important for us as commissioners to understand our community and grow with that community," said Shawn Carruthers, president of the Floyd County Commissioners. "We have to make sure we have the proper infrastructure and planning in place to make sure it is a safe place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in."

Floyd County Commissioner Shawn Carruthers announces the opening of Oakes Way on Monday and discusses the improvements it will bring to traffic in the area.

There have been a few fatal crashes at the Oakes Road intersection, according to Don Lopp, Floyd County's director of operations and planning. The new passage will make the intersection a safer place for people to drive in and out of, he said.

The new passage will also open opportunities for the new business park. A bridge going over the railroad tracks is also being added to the area.

"Once this is all built out to Novaparke, we’re looking at 300 jobs in this area," Carruthers said. "We want to make sure our roads are wide enough, safe enough, able to handle the traffic and looking forward to the future."

Carruthers added that he hopes the bridge will be completed by early next year. Progress continues on Novaparke and officials are seeking tenants for the business park.

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