Neutrik Americas Advances powerCON, speakON Product Lines
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Neutrik Americas Advances powerCON, speakON Product Lines

Mar 29, 2023

Gary Kayye

January 24, 2023 - HomeAV News, HOW [House of Worship], ProAV News, rAVe [PUBS], Rental [and Staging], RTA,

Neutrik Americas announced an advancement to its powerCON and speakON product lines. New XX series powerCON blue/grey and speakON two- and four-pole cable connectors feature new functionality, easier assembly, improved power handling capabilities, new certifications to all relevant modern safety standards, and a beautiful next-generation design language.

Both the powerCON and speakON XX series connectors are immediately recognizable from their striking new designs featuring a unique, two-compound molded housing. Attractive color coding on both the housing and the bushing is clearly visible. The housing offers improved ergonomics with slip-proof material. Internally, the connectors feature improved assembly: the strain relief locks with the insert mechanically and aligns with the housing. New two-component rear bushings offer improved kink protection to the associated cable.

Significant internal upgrades ensure conformance to current safety regulations. powerCON XX series connectors carry IEC EN 60320-1 / UL 60320-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 60320-1 certifications suitable to cordsets and devices certified to IEC 60799, UL817, and IEC / UL 62368-1. Unique to Neutrik, these new powerCON cable connectors are rated for circuit breaking capacity (CBC) when mated to powerCON XX series receptacles NAC3FXXA(B)*. This CBC capability is a breakthrough for powerCON blue/grey connectors which have never before carried this certification.

speakON XX series connectors are certified to IEC 61984, UL 1977, and CSA C22.2 No.182.3 with current rated to 37 A RMS. Additionally, new brown coloring on the connectors indicates 2-pole speakON; green coloring indicates 4-pole speakON.

Modern power connector safety standards require cable connectors to be certified in combination with particular cables. As a result, these new connectors are available in both -S variants for smaller cable (6-12 mm) and -L variants for larger cable (10-16 mm OD). Certified power cable combinations (SJOOW 16/3, SOOW 12/3, etc.) are shown on the Neutrik website for each new powerCON cable connector.

The entire range of new XX series connectors is:

powerCON blue/grey:


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