'Green Traffic Light Chime' is now available without FSD in update 2022.20
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'Green Traffic Light Chime' is now available without FSD in update 2022.20

Sep 19, 2023

A monumental shift is happening in the electric vehicle industry as General Motors announces the adoption of Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS). It seems fitting to say that the North American Charging Standard is now... the North American Charging Standard. This significant change, which could solidify the NACS as the unified EV charging standard, follows on the heels of Ford's similar decision just weeks prior.

General Motors broke the news last Thursday, confirming plans to integrate Tesla's sleek NACS charging ports into its future EVs starting in 2025. Tesla's charging ecosystem currently boasts over 12,000 Superchargers in Canada and the US and 45,000 worldwide, offering EV owners broader access to high-speed charging infrastructure.

Before this integration, GM and Tesla planned to extend Supercharger access to existing Ford EV owners in early 2024 via a CCS to Tesla adapter. Like the Ford announcement, whether owners will be charged for these adapters remains unanswered. As a part of its commitment to a seamless transition, GM will provide a NACS to CCS adapter for its EV owners to charge at CCS fast-charging stations.

GM aims to ensure a smooth charging experience for its customers by incorporating Supercharger network details like location and availability data into its EVs and mobile apps. Mary Barra, GM Chair and CEO, expressed that this strategic collaboration is a key component of their plan to fast-track mass EV adoption. The goal is to create a broad ecosystem of EVs across various categories and price points while simultaneously expanding access to fast chargers.

The partnership has already shown positive signs, with Tesla's shares rising following the announcement. With two of North America's biggest automakers now endorsing Tesla's charging standard, the future of the CCS (Combined Charging System) in North America looks increasingly uncertain.

This significant decision by General Motors represents more than just a strategic partnership. It is a significant leap towards the unification of EV charging standards in North America, further paving the way for a single, seamless charging experience for all EV owners. As GM and Ford transition to Tesla's NACS, we can expect other automakers to follow suit, strengthening the adoption of this standard.

The North American Charging Standard is indeed becoming the North American Charging Standard. By embracing the NACS, automakers like GM are making strategic business decisions and contributing to a broader vision - one where electric vehicle charging is universal, seamless, and efficient for all.