Amphenol Communications Solutions Extends the Range of Products for LED Lighting and Rugged Environment Applications
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Amphenol Communications Solutions Extends the Range of Products for LED Lighting and Rugged Environment Applications

Apr 27, 2023

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11 Oct, 2022, 08:00 ET

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Amphenol launches new configurations of Compact FLH Series IP67 Sealed Connectors and Cables

NASHUA, N.H., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Amphenol Communications Solutions is pleased to announce today the release of more options in its FLH series of mini sealed 2.50mm pitch IP67 and IP20 connectors, including new versions with poke-in wire termination, and panel mount receptacles with pcb tails, extending the connectivity options from wire-to-wire, to wire-to-board and wire-to-panel. Pre-made FLH cable assemblies in standard as well as custom lengths are also now available directly from Amphenol.

These new versions add to the previously existing range FLH plugs and receptacles using crimp terminated contacts to further enhance versatility of this series. Used in industrial, commercial, and LED lighting applications, the FLH series compliments a range of other connectors offered by Amphenol specifically designed for use in LED lighting applications including products meeting NEMA/ANSI and Zhaga specifications, the two dominant governing standards bodies for LED Lighting.

"With the proliferation of the use of LED lighting, coupled with the integration of sensors in buildings and street lighting, Amphenol customers have increasingly come to us for advanced lighting connector solutions. Working with world-leading lighting equipment solution providers, we are excited that our FLH series of IP67 sealed connectors is being used lighting applications demanding secure, miniature sealed interconnects. We are also pleased to add more IP67 waterproof solutions into our smart lighting connector range such as our MRD series of ruggedized latching connectors. Coupled with our NEMA/ANSI C136.41 and Zhaga Book 18 and Book 20 products, Amphenol provides a complete toolbox of lighting connector and cable assembly solutions for indoor, outdoor and street lighting applications," said Scott Kleinle, General Manager, Commercial Industrial.

The FLH series of mini-sealed 2.50mm pitch connectors provide wire-to-wire and wire-to-board interface with IP67-rated sealing in both mated and unmated conditions. The integrated latch feature ensures a secure connection, and the poke-in wire termination feature allows for fast and easy installation in the field. Available in both 3-position and 6-position housings, FLH can be wired with 1-to-6 discrete 18-22AWG wires for very cost effective and versatile connectivity, capable of handling up to 7A per wire. FLH connectors and cable are also available without the integrated sealing members for IP20 applications.

For IP66 street light photocell and sensor applications, Amphenol's LED Lighting connector range also includes NEMA/ANSI C136.41 FLA receptacles and FLB bases and domes, and Zhaga Book 18 FLS lighting receptacles, bases and domes for DALI applications.

Amphenol's 2-position wire-to-wire and wire-to-board FLM series connectors have been selected as the Zhaga Book 20 standard, used specifically as the DALI control interface for indoor Zhaga compliant light fixtures, providing connection between the Light Engine module and a variety of sensors and communications nodes, enabling Smart Lighting applications.

Amphenol's MRD series of circular latching connectors and cables provide IP67 cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel rugged connectivity, available in a variety of shell sizes and insert configurations from 2 to 9 contacts for outdoor and rugged environments including outdoor lighting. The easily accessible thumb latch provides secure mating and an audible mating click.

The FLH, MRD, FLM, FLA and FLB series standard product offerings are all now available.

Amphenol Communication Solutions, a division of Amphenol Corporation, is a world leader in interconnect solutions for the Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets. Amphenol Corporation is one of the world's largest designers and manufacturers of electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors and interconnect systems, antennas, sensors and sensor-based products and coaxial and high-speed specialty cable. Amphenol Communication Solutions has an expansive global presence in research and development, manufacturing, and sales. We design and manufacture a wide range of innovative connectors as well as cable assemblies for diverse applications including server, storage, data center, networking, industrial, business equipment and automotive.

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